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Stepup confirms NASC compliance recognition for Ringlock and OCTO©

Stepup Scaffold UK confirms that two of our in-house engineered scaffold systems – RingLock and OCTO© – have been certified as compliant with the National Access and Scaffold Confederation (NASC) Code of Practice following an audit on November 1.

The two systems are designed to meet UK and European industry standards. The move is ‘another feather in the cap’ of Stepup Scaffold UK since the company was formed in 2016 as a subsidiary to Stepup Scaffold Group in the US.

The OCTO© product is described as having up to 63% fewer components than a traditional scaffold system and weighs 60% less, resulting in a reduction in the time required to construct it. Stepup Scoffold said a primary factor in its performance is a patented coupling which can connect to eight horizontal locking heads at any angle as opposed to the traditional four at 90-degree angles. It was this product which had previously won a Guinness World Record for the fastest scaffold time for a modular system.

The products are designed in the UK and US and manufactured in company-owned facilities in China before being shipped all over the world. OCTO© and RingLock components received into the firm’s distribution centre in Glasgow are quality checked by the UK team and are now also supported by the NASC’s audit and compliance certification.

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