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Scaffolding product to speed up new build home sequence for bricklayers

OCTO® Scaffolding product manufacturer StepUp Scaffold UK is developing an adjustable cantilever bracket designed to assist bricklayers to build adjacent structures without the need to switch between brackets of different depths

The product is being developed in collaboration with a long-term customer, Turner Access, who had approached them about improving the OCTO® scaffold system for new home build projects.

The standards within the OCTO® scaffold frames currently accommodate deck boards of various lengths. When sequencing new build homes, a scaffolding structure is built, and brick layers must change the depth of the boards on structure A before they can begin building the next adjacent wall on structure B. This process is time-consuming and repetitive.

As a manufacturer of NASC-compliant OCTO® and RingLock, StepUp Scaffold UK can engineer new designs to fit the specification of their customers. When Turner Access approached them with the brick layers issue, they set to work to design a solution for OCTO® specifically to assist with the sequencing on new build homes.

StepUp Scaffold deployed a team from their network of experts on hand from across the globe, with manufacturing plants in China and Colombia, a Chief Engineer in the States, and Quality Control based in the Distribution Centre in Glasgow. Together they designed the prototype and once ready were able to test it with Turner Access in the UK. The prototype had additional revisions to add a locking bolt and create a perfect fit with OCTO® deck boards and is in the final design stage.

If you are interested in speaking to an expert on the best scaffolding package for a new build project – call Henryk on 0141 286 0630.

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