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Now Available – OCTO® System Scaffolding Product Training Scheme (SSPTS)

As a manufacturer of OCTO® scaffold system products, StepUp Scaffold UK provides the only accredited training course for the OCTO® Scaffold System in the UK through the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS).

SSPTS (System scaffolding product training scheme) CISRS (2 days)

OCTO® Systems are uniquely lightweight, with clever single-structure rail guards and patented 360-degree connection nodes. They facilitate triangular and square construction for any structure within any construction design. This means that scaffold and access structures can be built quickly and with fewer parts than other scaffold systems or traditional tube and fitting.

Why become an OCTO® system accredited scaffolder?

  • The 2 Day OCTO® System Scaffolding Product Training Scheme (SSPTS) provides scaffolders with an accredited knowledge of the technical details and safe working practices specific to the OCTO system scaffold products.
  • Understand which health and safety requirements are required and how they are met when using OCTO® systems.
  • Learn how to build the system according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the best solutions for specific project requirements.
  • Receive product demonstrations and a safe space to practice ensuring familiarity before constructing in a public environment.
  • Your CISRS cards will be endorsed upon the completion of the training, providing employers and clients with assurance in the quality and integrity of your skills.

Ready to become an OCTO® accredited scaffolder? Click here to sign up for the 2 Day SSPTS .

Questions? Call StepUp Scaffold UK for advice on all aspects of OCTO scaffold system use and design on 0141 286 0630.

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