Spigot Adapter and Guardrail Posts

Spigot Adapter and Guardrail Posts


Using OCTO equipment provides the user with greater versatility due to the 360° joint connection and optimum node strength. This enables flexibility in structure size and shape. This makes OCTO fitting for use in numerous applications. OCTO also allows the user more choices in selecting decks, stair, or cantilever component options.

Freestanding and mobile structure possibilities are more achievable due to self-weight and larger grid sizes. Leg load capacity can range up to 8 tonne.

OCTO is design to improve safety and be compliant with European Directives and Standards. Components have been designed with Manual Handling and Work at Height Regulations in mind.

Item Number Description L H Weight
M In. M Inches Kg Lb
SO-SPA Spigot Adapter 0.436 17-1/8 0.269 10-5/8 3.6 7.9
SO-GPH100 Guardrail Post 1.076 42-3/8 0.090 3-4/8 4.5 9.9
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